Why You Will Benefit With Golf Custom Fits

90% OF ALL AMATUER GOLF CLUBS Purchased & Played With Are The Completely Wrong Size And Wrong Fit.!!

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IMMEDIATE Problems with NON & POOR FITTED golf clubs

(1.) Wrong Lie Angle= Hooking And Slicing The Ball

(2.) Wrong Shaft Flex= Poor Ball Flight, High Spin, Bad Shot Dispersion

(3.) Wrong Kick Point= Ball Flight Too High/ Too Low

(4.) Wrong Club Offset= Ability To Square The Club/ Launch

(5.) Wrong Shaft Length= Slicing/Blocking Shots, Poor Setup, Poor Connection

(6) Grip Size= Wrong grip size can lead to pulls/hooks/pushes/slices.

(7) Yardage Gapping= Having the correct loft on each club to hit your yardages correctly between clubs

(8) Shaft Torque= Wrong Shaft Torque can lead to slices, poor feedback of shots and poor trajectory.

(9) THE COST= Golf Clubs Are Expensive.. But Even More Expensive When They Are NOT FITTED CORRECTLY.!


With vast experience of custom fitting golfers of all levels, from PGA professionals to the beginner golfer, our process, desire and goal is the same.  Achieving maximum playing potential for everyone with their golf clubs.

We are PGA certified professional custom fitters, with over a decade of tour level fitting experience and custom club fitting knowledge.

We custom fit major brands names in golf from Titleist, Ping, Srixon, Cobra, Miura, Scotty Cameron, Evnroll & Cleveland.

Time and time again we come across people struggling with their game, resulting simply from having been poorly fitted with the complete wrong equipment, or just buying direct off a shop shelf.

Our Tour Level Fitting Process will identify key factors during your custom fitting. Shaft Length, Flex, Torque, Kick-point, Lie Angle, Loft, Club offset, Grip size, etc.

All these are critical factors to know, but just as important we want to learn about YOUR GAME and your natural golfing playing ability. What your playing strengths are? the type of golf shots you favour and play?

From there we will have a basic starting point, and we can begin to custom fit your golf clubs. Having correctly fitted clubs SUITED TO YOU AND YOUR SWING  will help you consistently hit them shots on the course under pressure..

When you hear people say” Oh i am not good enough to be fitted” Our reply is simple. “If you have not been correctly fit you are never going to play your best”

We live, breath and eat golf. and it is our driving desire for everyone who plays golf to be, and play to their very best! Get in contact with us and let us ‘perfect’ your game.!

Why Get Fit?

Your swing is your fingerprint. Everyone swings different.! Our PGA bespoke custom fitters are dedicated to helping you achieve your peak performance on the course, by fine tuning the best equipment correctly to suit your swing during the fitting process.

Fit the Golf Custom Fits Way

Precision custom fitted equipment to perfectly match your swing. You will leave Golf Custom Fits inspired, educated about your clubs and most importantly excited to play better. Guaranteed!

Tools & Technologies

Golf Custom Fits uses state of the art PGA Trackman Launch Technology during the fitting process to ensure your ball speed, spin rate, launch angle and much more are properly dialed in to suit your game.. Nothing is left to chance.!

What will the Golf Custom Fit process look like for me?

We are here to improve your game! Knowing each club is exactly suited to your swing boosts player confidence and improves your ability as a golfer.


A Brief Talk is designed to allow us to gain an insight into your Golf game, where it is at and the areas in which we can address improvement.

We will identify your ball-flight tendencies, your Shot Dispersion, your current equipment the positives and negatives with it, and finally we will discuss your needs and preferences that will help us discover the better player in you.


A Good Warm-up and a session of you hitting shots with your current equipment.

Each shot is monitored and recorded by our Trackman Launch Monitor throughout the entire fitting session.

Bench-marking allows us to gain an in depth view into your swing and ball flight tendencies, your shot dispersion and most importantly, your feel of the equipment.


Our Tour Level Custom fitting process will quickly determine your Correct club specifications based on your preferences, needs and ability.

For drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges we will discuss the general performance characteristics of different models, lofts and shafts. And Show You Exactly How the wrong Set-up and poor equipment leads to major effects on your spin Rates, Launch angles, Shot Dispersion and Distances.

We ensure each club produces the proper trajectory, and most importantly the correct yardage gapping throughout your entire set to suit your game.

Swing Test

During your Custom fitting, we will be monitoring your Golf Swing and ready to offer on hand PGA Qualified Coaching to help you with some swing changes that will make you perform better.

Golf Ball Fitting

All fittings offer some degree of ball-flight analysis from the driver through the wedges. The fitter will continue to utilize a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to isolate each fitting variable.

This process helps give you the best opportunity to achieve your optimal ball flight. With Trackman Technology we will quickly identify you correct model of Golf Ball Suited to your Swing Speed and Ball Compression capabilities that will maximise every yard possible on the course for you.






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